Friday, January 2, 2009

On the needles

I have start the 3rd sock of 4 for the bronco fans. I have one in size 12 (men's) done and one in size 7 (women's) done. I am hope to finish these quickly. I am enjoying the magic loop method.

I start my weird January schedule today. I am off from my old job on Fridays and Mondays, so I work those at the new job. I cover 4-6 on Wednesday at the new one for the first two weeks then cover Tuesday through Thursday 4-6 for the last two weeks along with Mondays and Fridays. (Yes, this means I am working every day in January except MLK, including weekends.)

The old job is still quite busy. They have a lot to do with the outsourcing to be done by February. Now they are keeping 30 employees and 2 managers. So only about 1/3 are losing their jobs.Which is a good thing.

Well I am going to enjoy my morning off and do some knitting and maybe watch some food network.


  1. The sock is great. I have to say that your new schedule seems confusing but as long as you've got it down!

  2. The sock is looking good! What kind of yarn is that? It looks like Austermann Step.