Friday, January 9, 2009

How to relax..

This is how I relaxed last night after a long day. Thank you dear friends for your replies to my question.

Valentine's is a special time for me and Mr80grit. We met in January 97 and had started to hang out quite a bit then. He didn't like Valentine's then as his ex had divorced him on the 13th of February the year before. (The judge in Florida didn't allow divorces on the 14th.) So I scheduled the 13th of February off from both of my jobs and let him know that I had the day/night off. So we had our first 'official' date on the 13th of February which was an awesome date with him already arranging for me to get flowers on Valentine's. So instead of my guy hating Valentines it is one of our most favorite times of the year. (i don't think his ex planned it that way). :}


  1. That is sweet! I'm glad that you saved valentine's for him.

  2. When we went to Durango, I bought a big box of Hershey candybars at Costco for s'mores. Well, we only used a Randy split the almost full box with Amanda. When we got home he hid them and everynight for a week, after dinner, he'd bring me one.It was really sweet.

  3. That was ME...not "anonymous" :)