Friday, June 20, 2014

End of Week fun

Things are a little out of order this week, with knit night and date night swapping. After work Preston and I had time together to relax and then headed to our favorite place for dinner.  We talked and relax and some of our favorite wait staff was there and got to visit with them. As we were leaving Em and Amy J walked in, we stayed and visited with them while they had their dinner. 
When we returned home, we found that China our youngest cat and very cute plus extremely soft cat was hanging out in her favorite spot the dirty laundry bag. She loves it when Preston empties it and it ends up laying on its side. It is like her own personal safe haven.  We are thinking of getting her own.
Today is a gorgeous day, the sun is out and it is only lightly cloudy with a little wind. I was able to take a short walk this morning as my left foot is been causing me some pain, I am giving it a little rest and stretching. Hopefully I will be back to my walking regime that I am enjoying. As I am back having coffee each morning as we found a coffee that my body likes, but I am not over doing.
I am excited about knit night tonight. I am loving that we are doing a Knit a long, hopefully tonight won't be too stressful for our new knitters.


  1. We're heading out to dinner tonight and Stella might be just the place! TGIF!

  2. Really looking forward to knit night :)) see you soon!