Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yesterday - memories

Yesterday is more than just a song that the Beatles wrote.  No correlation to what I want to blog about today. Yesterday August 3rd was the 12th anniversary of my open heart surgery to repair my heart valve. I was born with a bad valve and it took until 1999 before it wore out. 

I was surprised this year with the anniversary, usually I have it marked on my calendar and I spend the morning in reflection about how good God is. But yesterday it never crossed my mind until my mom called and reminded me.  I made a comment on facebook about it but that was about it until night time.  Hubby and I were sitting outside in the backyard on the deck reflecting about the day and we started talking about it.  This year it was quite different on the reflection with Dad's open heart surgery in March I got to see it from the other angle.  While my dad will disagree with me, I think it was much easier to be the patient.  Of course my experience was a walk in the park compared with Dad's. 

But what got to me most this year was why wasn't I reflecting on the surgery like I had in the past. I believe it is because for the first time in 12 years I am so much healthier than I have ever been so I have been busy living life.  Since last year I have lost about 50 pounds, I exercise daily, I eat healthier and maintain my gluten free lifestyle, I do more each day than I have in the past (although recovery from the the dental work has slowed me down).  I have a set of amazing friends that we do things with almost every weekend including going back to camping after 10+ year absence. Sometimes we even sneak in some fun during the week.  God has blessed me so much this year and each day is a blessing. 

I still have a lot of goals and dreams to achieve in the coming year. I am looking forward to completing them as much as I complete a knitting project.  Some of the goals are completing the dental work this fall -which won't be fun but I will be happy about it when it is done. I would like to do a 5k, I don't run but I would like to walk one.  I want to take a major trip with the hubby, somewhere we haven't been before together would be awesome.  I want to continue to lose weight as I like the smaller clothes and have started to enjoy clothes shopping.


  1. You have accomplished so much this year. Life is so good and it feels wonderful to contemplate all the future holds.

  2. Great post, Steph! God is so's wonderful that you're enjoying the life He gave you so much!