Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weekend

My first strand or fake fair isle project.  It is a hat for me and it fits!
View from walk on Saturday through Mill Creek Canyon
I love the leaves on the ground!
I have an awesome weekend. Mr80grit and I took a walk up Mill Creek Canyon Saturday morning. It was so beautiful, lots of reds and yellows. I will post more pictures later this week.  It was a nice temperature in the canyon but in the valley we were in the 80's all weekend long. 

I took a class at my favorite LYS last Wednesday, that I have been wanting to take forever!  I finished the projects Saturday evening.  I have now cast on for another hat, this one with a star pattern.  I have fallen in love with strand knitting!! 

Just a quick update for now!

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  1. Cute hat! I want to do one with a star pattern but I haven't taken the time yet.