Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moments from Monday

Well it definately was colder yesterday so I was able to wear more hand knit socks.

The mountains started to get some snow yesterday and they looked so beautiful!

I finished a pair of socks for Christmas giving on Saturday and then immediately cast on another pair also for christmas.  I made a little progress on a hat yesterday too!
Completed Xmas socks for MrHarleydude

Hat for Xmas wearing
Xmas Socks for Dad
 They are forcasting more rain and snow today so I can't see what we actually get!  The clouds are rolling in as I write.  I am excited to wear hand knit socks again today. Can you tell I really love my socks? Yes I sense a theme of taking pictures of them each morning!


  1. Keep the snow otherwise, I enjoyed your blog.
    Rainy, but fairly warm in North Carolina mountains. :)

  2. Loving the socks. Its Halloween here and 82 out. Hopefully we'll get a nice shift in the weather after this. I like that hat too. Makes me want to knit ribbing.