Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today I become Chatty Cathy....

Well I had a great weekend. Hubby and I took a walk up Mill Creek Canyon.  The colors were at their prime.

We had a really great time on Saturday on our walk. So on Sunday, we went again with the parents. We are on sabbatical from our usual posts at church as we work audio/visual all summer with no breaks and we took a month off. But we only missed church the last two Sundays.  It has been very freshening and restoring and we are ready to get back at it with renewed joy.

I have been reading some of my cousins blogs lately and I am deciding if I will add more personal stuff on my blog like personal pictures etc. I am still debating as I have not been that active on the blog this summer and I wonder if the lack of connection to the blog is because of that. I don't know but I am looking into it and you may see changes coming I will let you know.

On the knitting front, I am addicted to strand knitting and knitting up a hat every three days. The first brown hat for P(mr80grit) was a little small on reflection. I made myself the reverse colored hat at the larger size and had him try it on and I like the look so much better.  So I immediately cast on a new brown hat for him.  I have an idea where the smaller hat is going to have a home at soon but not saying at this time as Christmas is just a few months away!

I am walking in the mornings these days, it is really helping my back and I have found myself addicted to that as well. This am it was 37 degrees when I set out for the walk which was the coldest so far. I wore my gray (First Strand) hat that I finished earlier this month. It kept me nice and warm,  I did put gloves on that the running store gave me but as they are cotton my hands were still pretty cold for most of the walk. Looks like some knitted mittens are in my future.

Speaking of the running store, I bought new shoes there are Saturday evening and will be returning them tonight for an exchange. These new shoes make my toes go numb and the balls of my feet hurt. They are a brand I have worn before but I never used them for serious walking, I used them when I worked on the steel and concrete floors at my old job.  I think what I need now is something a lot different, so tonight P and I are headed back to see what can be done. Will update more later.

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  1. Those are gorgeous photos! I'm glad you're getting some color there. We aren't. It's just been too dry.