Monday, October 18, 2010

Some knitting content

Mr80grit's New Hat that fits correctly
I think I am addicted to hats right now.
Delicious German Pancake, Gluten Free of course
I have completed Mr80grit's hat in the brown and white motif. It fits so much better than the first one. I already have Christmas plans for the other one.  I didn't have as much time knitting this week as I did the week before. I have already cast on for another hat in red and white. I am enjoying learning strand knitting and I am looking at either a sweater or mittens next. Maybe mittens to match the hats.  Currently not a lot is needed as it really isn't cold enough to wear as the weather is maintaining the high 60's and 70's for the most part.

On Saturday October 9th there was a gluten free expo at Southtowne Expo that Mr80grit and I attended. It was so great, lots of great samples. Mr80grit bought a sample from Ohmyglutenfree of their flour that you are suppose to be able to swap for normal flour in any receipe.  So last night for dinner we tried it in a German pancake. Yummy, with no weird aftertaste or texture. We are defiinately going to get more.

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