Saturday, April 3, 2010


Well I have settled in to my Spring Break quite well this time.  I did spent a little over an hour at work on Thursday just to tie up loose ends. I was snowing when I got there but when I left the sun was out and everything looked very pretty.  I took a picture later that day are our way out to meet family for dinner at our favorite place.
We had a lot of fun visiting and eating!
Sure looked like Winter the last few days instead of Spring.  It seems like our weather lately has been confused.  But that is okay with me.

I did get some knitting done the last few days on my second baby blanket.  I have add more colors to this one and Mr80grit is really liking it. I took this picture on Thursday when the sun was out. It has grown more since then.  Plus late last night I found 3 more leftover skeins to use. 

Today I plan to knit more on this and cast on another project as the blanket and the pair of socks I have on the needles is pretty routine.  Maybe a little bit of lace this time! Mr80grit is at band practice today getting ready for tomorrow's Easter services.  My parents are in Montana visiting my grandmother and won't be home until late Sunday night.  I feels strange not to have plans with them for tomorrow.  Mr80grit and I are going to put a Gluten free lasagna together to have for tomorrow, while we may sample it tonight.  Well off to knit!

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  1. Oh my. Two gorgeous things in the same post. I hope you are getting your white Easter. I love the baby blanket. Love the color mix.