Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Begun...

while I was in Las Vegas this weekend, Spring came to my neighborhood.  I couldn't believe it when my parents were bringing me home. Pink and white flowers on the trees. 

Just a few weeks ago, this tree was full of snow. Today the snows is flowers.  I love how pretty everything looks. My little camera phone can't do it justice. 

Mr80grit and I were in Vegas for a conference. But I did manage to go to the yarn store directly from the airport. It was a cute little shop.  As I always do Mr80grit a pair of socks from our travels, I got some sock yarn that I knew would knit up great for him.  Plus the owner Joyce gave us wonderful advice about were to get gluten free food.  Which was the local whole foods.  The store was bigger than any we have here and the staff was awesome. One girl that helped us, led us to the section and even opened a package of cookies for all of us to taste test.  I haven't had that experience here at my local Whole foods.  It was an awesome experience. So thank you Joyce for sending us there and thank you staff at Whole Foods.

As I always enjoy the conference in the spring, I really didn't get much opportunity to knit, a little on my sock until I noticed that my needles were bent and that is why I was hating the project.  But I cast on for another project on Sunday afternoon.  I will have to take pictures of it and the yarn I bought tomorrow when the sun is out.  I can't remember the last time I had so many projects on the needles.  I guess what my focus will be the next few weeks...finishing at least one. 

While I didn't catch any sun rays, both Mr80grit and I caught colds.  Not fun when you are flying.  I woke up Sunday morning congested but did okay flying home on Monday. Mr80grit woke up this morning with his cold.  The medicine I took earlier is wearing off so I am off to take more and maybe knit a little.  G'night!

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