Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Day of Spring Break

Today is my last day of Spring Break and it is my official staying in pajamas and watch DVD day.  My fingers are slowly healing. I feel so stupid about how I cut them, I was trying to split frozen bread with a knife and the knife slipped. I know I should have been doing it the way I was and so Mr80grit got to say I told you so.  I never realize how much I used my left middle finger until I cut it.  Tying my shoes yesterday was almost impossible.  Zippers and buttons were also a challenge, so another good reason to stay in pajamas today.  The cuts are not to deep, they are just in bad spots on the side/top of the fingers. 

Mr80grit took me to my favorite LYS yesterday when he got home from work to lift my spirits and helped me find a project that I could do while my fingers heal.  We also stopped and the Lord of the Rings trilogy used so I am set.  I actually only like to watch the last one over and over. 

Yesterday I got to go to lunch with my mom. We had a great lunch at our favorite place.  It is nice that my mom enjoys the same place I do. It makes going out so much easier.  We had a great time catching up regarding her trip to Montana to see her mom and brother.  I was delighted to hear that overall it was a great trip.  After lunch we spent more time in the car talking. It was a delightful visit.  So nice and relaxed.

My nephew has yet to make an appearance. My thoughts and prayers are with my SIL.  I know that she is just miserable.  Hopefully maybe today??? 

Well it looks like the sun is coming out, so maybe pictures of the knitting project for tomorrow's post.

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