Monday, May 4, 2009

Too much fun today!

Well if you can't tell from the two previous posts, I was testing the blogger ability to update via text messaging and email. I think I like both options as I take a lot of pictures with my blackberry. This may open up a new frontier for me.

Work is extremely busy but also a ton of fun. It is so great to work for my boss. (blog nickname to come). I feel very appreciated and what stress there is at times doesn't follow me. I have friends saying that I look totally different now. Younger and a lot happier.

We are getting ready for Student Fest and so my hours have increased so very little time to knit. In fact I hear my pillow calling my name. I must listen to it! Good night


  1. That's great that you love your job so much. I hope you had a good sleep!

  2. If your job makes you happier then of course you'll look younger and better! I'm so happy the new job is working out for you!