Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Night Dinner

Dinner at mom's

Today we got a nice surprise of dinner at my mom's. She had made a roast as oldbro was going to come to the house to stay the night as he has a dentist appointment in the morning. Short story: he decided not to go. Side benefit: Mr80grit and I got to have dinner with my parents. We always enjoy our time together and tonight was no different. We made plans for mother's day and more for the week after.

MrHarley took a trip to Wendover today so wasn't there but hopefully he will be there for mother's day.

Now I am on the way home to do some knitting. It is going to be June before I know it!
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  1. What a good mother! My daughter and grandson had dinner with me last night but my dinner didn't look as good as yours. All they got was a can of soup.
    June is coming to fast!