Sunday, May 24, 2009

Darn cat!

See the picture of my circular needle cable ? If you look closely you can see where cute Isabelle nibbled on it last Sunday night. We had some friends over and I had been knitting a little. I put the sock down for a few minutes before I put the work away. In those few moments she got a hold of the cable, chewed on it and I didn't notice it until when I pulled it out this am to knit and I knit one side and when I went to move the sock around it caught on the cable and wouldn't move. Mr80grit quickly identified the issue and realized a trip to the only open LYS on Sunday was in order. He is a great guy.

So now I have new needles and just need to do the swap out!
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  1. Oh no! I guess I'm lucky. My cat has never shown an interest in my knitting.

  2. Oh my. I hate it when my kitties do stuff like that. Congrats that you actually got to get a new needle today!