Friday, April 24, 2009

A quiet weekend

I am having a quiet weekend as Mr80grit is out of town. Each year we usually go to Las Vegas for a Leadership Conference. This year we had been debating whether to go or not. It was determined that I wouldn't go this year as we couldn't get a room at the conference center. Then we decide that neither would go. Then last night after visiting my LYS, Mr80grit states that he really wants to go. So at 7 pm we started getting him ready for the trip. Mainly I gave a list of food to be left and then stayed out of his way.

He got his hair cut, gas in his car as he would be taking mine. Laundry was done, I put it away...but soon it was all done. He left this morning and has arrived safely. I am so excited for him.

I went to work, and got there safely also. My vehicle is a van and so driving Mr80grit's car is different as I feel like I am sitting in a hole. But I have a short commute so it wasn't bad. I went to dinner at our favorite place, where everyone missed him but made me feel very comfortable even though the place got extremely busy as I left. Standing room only.

I did get the June Wedding shawl cast on last night and got one repeat of the pattern complete. I am much happier with the pattern and the smaller needles. I am glad to listen to those who have knitted before me, if its not fun to knit, don't do it.

So here is a quick picture of where I ended last night. The needles are calling must go.


  1. Pretty! Hope you have a nice weekend its turned pretty cold!But its great for knitting!

  2. Nice quiet weekends are nice. I love the wedding shawl so far. It looks so soft.

  3. Quiet weekends are the best! I hope you enjoyed yours! :o)