Friday, April 10, 2009

Coffee it's a good thing

Okay day two of Spring Break..I slept really really late. I think I am fighting another cold as last night while watching a movie with Mr80grit, I was freezing with two cats laying on me. So today I just let myself sleep until I woke up.

So whenever I do this I always have a hard time waking up. Today was no exception, so I made myself coffee and with a little chocolate coffeemate all is well.

I did get one and half repeats of the basketweave chart on my Gray Dawn stole completed but I am having issues with blogger this morning and it won't let me upload. So must wait for mr90grit to come home and deal with it. It may be tomorrow before anything happens as we are busy tonight with Good Friday services at church.

The sun is out and it is a semi pretty day as the skies are still cloudy. Time to knit more. Have a great weekend and enjoy Easter


  1. I hope you aren't getting sick! Get lots of rest.

    Happy Easter to you, too.

    I'd love to have any washable sock yarn scraps you have! Thank you very much!

  2. I hope your not sick!

    Happy late Easter!