Thursday, April 16, 2009

The more you knit

I was reading the comments from my previous post and my cousin MommaD comment about the shawl. Years ago I knitted her a beautiful shawl with cranberry Encore yarn. I was so proud to use a brand with wool. Now I realize that was my introduction into the fiber word. Now I have sorta become a fiber snob. I am now knitting a shawl with 100% Merino wool. I love the animal and plant fibers!

My hubby is great at picking our wonderful fibers. He can go into any yarn store and fine the most expensive yarn within minutes. I tease him that the reason my stash is so big is that he always asks can you make something out of this, either because of the feel and/or the color.

Mr80grit loves to learn about the fibers also, the gang at our favorite LYS always tease him that he should learn to knit, I think he should learn how to spin, he is really good at details. He went to last week's guild meeting to learn about local handdyed yarn. He asked questions I would have never thought to ask but I would want to know.

So the more I knit with different fibers the more I learn and love! I am doing a good job with my Hanami and am pass the half way point. It is suppose to be sunny sometime this weekend so maybe a casual photoshoot will be called for.


  1. Your hubby sounds alot like mine. Isn't it great to have one that thinks what you do is great! I can't wait to see the pictures its going to be a great weekend.

  2. Have you tried alpaca yet? I love it--much more so than wool. I especially love alpaca/silk blends. I get most of my yarns from Knitpicks, because the closest LYS is 100 miles away.