Thursday, April 2, 2009

A family gathering

Let me just say now, I love my husband's family. All of them. Especially all the family from his mom's side. There is one cousin that is the best at organizing, anything, anytime. She is the one that makes sure we have family gatherings, vacations etc and we all know about them. I would call her very lovingly our family cruise director, because she even makes spring cleaning fun. (yes, she reads my blog too!)

This week her and her handsome son is in town helping my SIL with spring cleaning, decorating my nephew #1 new bedroom. So tonight they threw a party and all that could come did. Which meant much food, fun and laughter. We took a ton of pictures especially of all the kiddos! Sorry no posted here but I will share the food!

Here are the strawberries that we dipped in chocolate.

Here is the gluten free pecan pie that Mr80grit got for me to share. Everyone loved it but I was able to bring some home. Yummy!

The cheese, grape and bread plate. Wonderful director made sure I had cheese and carrots that hadn't touch any bread or gluten. I just love her!!!!

Aren't these the cutest little sponge cakes. Our personal cruise director brought them. I got to find a good gf recipe to make small bundt cakes like this.

Flowers on the table. So beautiful I had to take a picture.

What an awesome time! With the new job, less stress, less hours we hope to do more family things in the future. There is a big event in July with family dinners and a trip to Preston Idaho for rodeo days???maybe.

No knitting news, maybe tomorrow.


  1. The food looks yummy! Families are the best.

  2. Sounds like such good fun and all the food looks so tasty!

  3. You are so sweet! Love the photos & comments. It was GREAT to see you!!! Looking forward to fun in July!! Love, your family cruise director! :) (thanks for the awesome title!)