Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Seven days at work, makes a girl crazy....

just ask my hubby! I have been driving him crazy for the last two days with my ramblings and my whinnying. Yes, I whine, and I am pretty good at it. Years of practice as the baby sister to two older brothers. I get this way when I am tired, stress and not feeling good. I have been resisting a cold for a couple of weeks but I think it finally caught me today. I have migraines, sinus induced ones. Due to allergies, I get used to them (if you can). This fall they have been hitting at 845am every day, so I have been good about taking medicine about 10 minutes before. But today I totally messed up. I had a 730 am meeting (for those who don't know, I am not really a morning person) so that put me behind the eight ball. So my mind not fully functioning went to the meeting unprepared. Then the headache showed up 15 minutes early with a jackhammer. I stumbled mid-sentence, passed of what I was saying to a wonderful person I work with and escaped for relief. Unfortunately, I had to go back and so did my headache. It caused all sort of havoc. My assistant manager and good friend did great not laughing at me as I kept losing my train of thought mid-sentence. I finally gave up and came home early. It is a beautiful sunny day and the mountain still have snow on them so I loaded this picture, wishing for a rainy day.

I was going to nap when I got home but all the caffeine I took to help my headache is giving me more energy than I have had all week so I must blog then knit!!!!


  1. Blog then knit is not a bad thing for a headache. I decided just to knit last night to rid myself of my headache.

  2. I hope your feeling better today. I love the picture. Take care!