Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Walking in the woods and other fun stuff

The sunday of Labor Day we took a walk with my MIL and her sister who came to visit us during our camping trip. We took a little walk to Lake Fehr. It was so beautiful.

Hubby got better pictures and I only took a few.  But it was so beautiful and green.

On Saturday, September 10th Hubby and I took another hike up Millcreek canyon. This time we went to the left and walked on Old Red Pine Road Trail.

It was a beautiful walk and sorta steep in places.   But what we notice was the slight yellows in the leaves and under brush.  The deep greens were still there but there was a hint or two of fall if you knew where to look.

As you can see there was a little a bit of water around the trail. We had to cross the river four times. The first time I did really well. The second time my foot slipped and got wet so then I gave up and just walked through the river the rest of the time.  It was a lot of fun but my shoes got really muddy.

On Sunday, after church we took a drive up the mountains. First we drove up Lamb Canyon which is on the way to Park City.

We stopped at the top of the canyon and took some pictures.  It was a pretty canyon but a tight drive so we probably wont drive this one much. We head to Park City and on the other side of Parley's Summit you could see two trees changing to red/orange. I couldn't get a good picture of them.

We drove through Park City, got out at the top of Main Street and walked through a few store. Then headed back to Kimball junction for some gluten free food,  And we found it at a pizzeria.  I had cheesy garlic bread and gluten free meatballs. So yummy. I only got a photo of the bread. 

I can't wait to go back and try the pizza. Or maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.  So what did you do on your weekend?

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