Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great Friends

I have to admit that I have some awesome friends.  But there are four people right now that my husband and I spend a lot of great time together.  Two are my wonderful neighbors, A and E and then our friends that are like family H and J.  We have gone camping together, visit together, watched football together. (The wonderful Utah vs BYU game last week, all of us cheering for Utah).  Both A and I are gluten free and the rest support us and eat everything that way along with us. 

So why I am mention them today especially? Well today was a big dental appointment for me. Those who follow my blog know that several years ago I had all my top teeth crowned all at once. Well today was the crown prep for 8 of my bottom teeth.  I have two implants that are in process and the others are crowned.  So in the least you could say eating was going to be mushy to say the least. Normally it is shakes and applesauce. Both can get very boring very quickly.  Well my dear friends made sure it wasn't. While I still had my normal peanut butter chocolate milkshake after the 3+ hour appointment, I was gifted with some amazing food at dinner.

H and J brought and cooked, J's wonderful mexican dip full of flavor and goodness. (Mine had to be put through the blender but it still tasted awesome). I look forward to the leftovers tomorrow, but I also look forward to having it again some other time with tortilla chips.  No picture of these dip as it sort looks like baby food and not at all pretty. But very, very good.

Then a little later A and E brought over rice pudding, oh my goodness.  It was so very, very yummy and beautiful.  They had found a recipe that was more like the rice pudding that the Indian restaurants serve.  I felt so very, very spoiled. 

I am truly blessed by my friends and I look forward to spoiling them back.  I did get extra servings of the rice pudding, and I am sorry but I am not sharing. Well maybe a little with hubby as I can't eat the nuts yet. 

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