Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

Tuesday was our 14th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  We believe in making the most of our anniversary and celebrating it in little ways over the course of September through the first week of October.  But on the night of our actual anniversary we did have a really nice meal at the local Indian restaurant that we were taken last week by our friends. We tried several new dishes this time.

Onion Bhaji-my favorite from last time

Gluten Free Bread (Naan but they call it something else)

Bombay Paneer

Chicken Coconut Kurma

Delicious Rice


This was the most delicious meal and now I can't wait to go back.  We did have a chuckle as we had the same waiter as last week but this time he told as about the gluten free bread, which was heavenly.  He did apologize for not telling us last week.  We immediately text our friends about it and they went up there today and enjoyed it.  I think I can talk hubby into going for it soon.  Mom is always up for an adventure and so is maybe one day soon! 

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