Friday, December 19, 2008


I am definately overloaded. Too much to do at work. Going in early and staying late. I am starting to really count down the days!!! I am hoping the overwhelming work at the orange office will die down for Christmas as I want to make it to Christmas eve services.

On the up side today, it has been snowing all day and Mr80grit came and got me from work as I am too tired to drive. The down side is that I didn't get to take any cool pictures of said snow.

I must hurry to my knitting only a few more sleeps til Chrismas!


  1. Good luck with your knitting. I have only two more work days before being off for Christmas. I am so looking forward to it, but I know that week will go by soooo fast.

  2. OH. I know how you feel about the work thing (being sitting at work this first day of my vacation...) I do hope you make it to Christmas eve services.

    I'm glad 80grit came to get you when you were tired.

  3. I really know how you feel! But its going to all be over soon. It just came to fast!

    Merry christmas!