Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pink Packages

As you can see, I love the color pink and my swap buddy made sure I had enough. Pure joy!!! I also love teddy bears!!! I was born in February so I love Valentines as much as I love Christmas. The bag is awesome it has a pocket on the inside-LOVE IT!!!! The yarn is really cool and can be felted so mittens will be casted on soon!!! Thanks Creative Muse.

It snowed during the night so we have the sun out. I love a fresh layer of snow. It makes me want to knitting all snuggled up on the couch. Usually with my oldest cat Isabelle in my lap. She doesn't mess with yarn or my knitting as she had problem with a needle when she was a kitten so it is the one thing she is pretty safe around.


  1. I'm tickled that you like the kit, and, um, I can see that you were not kidding about the pink!

  2. Oh that bag is so cute! I have seen the landscapes yarn knit up as they "my so called scarf" pattern. It is really lovely. I am looking forward to seeing your finished mittens!