Thursday, February 1, 2007

lost in time

I really dread sometimes knitting for a deadline but I do it for myself. I am currently trying to finish a project before Saturday night so I can block it and give it to my mom for her birthday. Her birthday is Saturday, however, due to work schedule we aren't able to get together until Sunday.

We will be going to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Biaggi's. They have one of the best gluten free pastas and tons of sauces that I have had since going gluten free. The staff has been excellent each time we have gone and several of them know us by name.

It seems like the year just started and here it is February. At least it started off right with snow, the light fluffy kind. I could go without the below freezing temperatures that we have had this year but today at least the gunk is out of the air. Yeah!!! I will post a picture of mom's birthday gift on Sunday after the party!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHIE'S MOM!!!!! Yeah for hand knitted gifts and favorite yummy restaurants!

  2. I saw that there was a shooting at a mall in Salt Lake City. I wanted to make sure you guys were ok.