Sunday, February 22, 2015

Catching up this week.

Hubby convince me to take one of the pairs that I knitted this year for my own today as an early birthday present. I have to say they are my favorite pair of socks as they really fit my foot.  It is a short row heel without a gusset.  After wearing all day they still stay up and aren't huge on my feet.

 Saturday was a very busy crazy day. Praise band practice in the morning. Helping with A/V for a funeral of an amazing 88 year old man. After the funeral/memorial service I wish I had gotten to know him as he was a character.
This was my favorite visitor at work this week.  His name is Taggart, he is a Burmese Mountain puppy. I met him a few weeks ago and his owner could easily carry him now he is much bigger, but so adorable. One day I want a dog like this.  

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