Thursday, September 19, 2013

No knitting, just ducks

On Sunday, I finished a christmas gift, which is of course is socks. Then I cast on another pair for Christmas and really went to town. I did the whole leg while watching the Seattle Seahawk football game. Then on Tuesday as I was showing the sock to my friend, I noticed it. I hadn't cast on enough stitches, it was too small. If the yarn hadn't been purchased for the exact person and if I had a kid in my life who would love them it would have been a different matter. But alas, the sock had to be ripped out and redone. So Tuesday night that was done. With hubby's help I unraveled the sock back to the ball and then knit the ribbing but as I haven't taken a picture of it, there is nothing to show.

However I had a wonderful walk this morning and enjoyed watching the ducks, squirrels, cows, etc at the farm I walk. I forgot how much these morning walks calm my mind.  So here are the ducks.

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