Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yarn along Wednesday

Well it is sad to say but I haven't really knitted in a few weeks. This is in my daily bag to knit. I am hoping to spend some time this week working on it. I have been reading a lot since last week and I am currently reading The God of the Hive. I enjoy this series by Laurie King. My father in law got my hooked by sending me the first few in the series years ago when I had surgery.  Now when I read anything by her it reminds me of my father in law who has been gone since 2000.  So what is on your needles and what are you reading.  Joining Ginny today!


  1. Happy knitting, my knitting and reading news is on my blog, love you to stop by x

  2. I love that color :) glad you are feeling well enough to knit again!