Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Revisited

On Saturday, after brunch with friends at the house, we headed out to find chairs for our deck.  Our last deck chairs lasted 6 years being left out in all season but last fall they finally fell apart. We were so happy to find replacement of the same variety and as now more than hubby and I sit outside together we upped the count to 4 chairs.  On our way home from errands we received a message that our favorite restaurant was having corned beef and cabbage so we grabbed the girls and went directly there. It was so awesome. 

The sock was cast on and knit while running errands on Saturday.  I was trying out the new Sock Rockets from addi. I love them and had to go get more!!!! 

On Sunday morning we had an impromptu brunch out our house with the girls and my parents. There was much laughter, coffee, fruit, bacon/sausage and german pancake!!  Perfect for a rainy gray morning here.  More errand running afterwards that ended in a new tent, sleeping pads and new shoes for me.

All in all it was a relaxing but busy weekend.  Might need more coffee today.

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