Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 1/29 is 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs. I am the total opposite of Carole, I love winter even with the inversion and single digit temperature days. I was born in February so that is another reason I love winter. I really love all seasons, but not a fan of extremely hot days - that is when you will here me complain LOT!  Snow makes me laugh and giggle like a little kid. In fact it is snowing again this morning/afternoon!!

  1. Knit with bright colors - it just makes me happy to think of when the season changes to spring and all the colors are bright and clean.
  2. Go for a hike. I love taking a walk/hike in the canyons. Just begin outside can lighten my mood.
  3. Have friends over for game night.  
  4. Plan a nice date with the hubby, we did this on Sunday and it was awesome. We have a romantic dinner while it snowed outside, we had a beautiful view from the window of the restaurant.
  5.  Have a pajama/movie day with friends.
  6. Go for a drive, we usually do this when the inversion is too much and we head up to Park City to enjoy fresh air and good pizza!
  7. Plan the summer vacation!
  8. Have a cup of coffee, read a book and enjoy the snow falling outside.
  9. Head outside and enjoy the season - moving around helps
  10. Try something new: a new restaurant, a new museum, a new band playing somewhere
Have fun no matter what! 

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