Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 things on my mind right now

I decided I would like to try to join in on Carole Knits' Ten on Tuesday.  So today's topic is 10 Things On My Mind Right NowLet's see what is on my mind....it might be crazy.

  1. The election. While the national stuff is important. There is a few local issues that mean more to me, I am waiting to see how those go.
  2. I really love coffee, I think I need to brew some more.
  3. Snow is forecast for the end of the week and I want to finish Mr80grit's new knit hat so he has it for the day.  
  4. I am hoping for a very snowy winter so I can enjoy all my knitted stuff
  5. Christmas giving.  I have decided not to knit gifts for my family this year as I am a little burned out as I have done so much for so long
  6. Doctor Who - it is all I seem to watch on Netflix these days
  7. Chocolate is always on my mind
  8. Not looking forward to dental work in December, I hoping my tooth stays in until that day
  9. Return books to the library
  10. what to eat for dinner.

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