Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Update - no pictures

Well I have been knitting fingerless mitts/arm warmers this last week.  I am doing it because unfortunately I have gain back about 30 pounds of the 50 pounds I lost and I refuse to buy new clothes for the winter. I know it is quite stupid but I refuse to budge on this point. 

I have been having a lot of fun with the knitting even though I lost (lost as in misplaced) my size 6 double point needles that I think to knit ragtop mittens.  Of course, it was only after I bought replacement needles, this time 40 inch circular needles that the hubby stumbled on them on the coffee table in the family room. Well, not a big deal, even he said so as he knows the love I have with doing everything on the magic loop.  I love it that he really gets me as a knitter. That statement reminds me that he really wants a new pair of socks for Christmas. Best be doing that soon.

On the health front, other that my weight going up, I realized this morning why I exercise the real truth not because I want to lose weight but to keep out of pain as my lower back and hips have flared up and I really don't want to go to the chiropractor.  I am sometimes so like my mom it isn't even funny.  So back on the walking circuit either tonight or in the morning.  Also I have a loose front tooth and the new dentist and I are waiting to see if the splint that he attached will help.  If it doesn't it means that either the tooth is too far gone or it is broken which means going to a specialist for an implant as it is one of my fragile top teeth.  So praying quite hard that the splint works!!!!

Today is very cold with some of my neighbors/friends/family getting a dusting of snow. I am really hoping for a very, very snowy winter.  All the more reason to get more exercise in so that I can use my new snowshoes!

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