Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random thoughts

I meant to start blogging each day but I had such a crazy start to the month at work that it didn't happen so I thought I would begin it today. 
I have just realized that i meant to brew more coffee when I got to work but totally forgot about it until now.

I have been dealing with allergies all year and have decided that I am going to stop letting them control my life, I will start getting up in the morning and working out either by going to the gym or taking a walk. 

I set a goal to run a mile by the end of October and I haven't started working on that yet.  No better time than now.

I did get up earlier today that I have in a while even though I haven't been sleeping well.

I started my book for book club this morning.  I am hoping to get to page 100 by tonight.  It is "The Passage" by Justin Cronin.  Everyone so far has enjoyed it.  I do like the author's writing style so hopefully that will keep me interested. 

The weather finally changed and we are out of the 80's for now.  Maybe I will take a walk with the hubby tonight before it gets dark. 

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