Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Whine

I know that I am not a writer and that my blog is just for me and some dear friends who want to know about me.

The Whine part....I finish the blue shawl last week with no issues and immediately cast on a grey version, same type of yarn. Everything was going smashing and got a lot done on it on Saturday while hanging out with the hubby while he upgraded the studio to laptops.  Then Saturday night while knitting while watching movies I dropping and bunch of stitiches and in a bad comedy of errors ended up laddering it down to the start cast. So I headed up frogging it and starting it again.  But my heart wasn't really in it.  So it was sort worked on Sunday and Monday.

Then on Tuesday, one of my knitting friends who works two doors down from my office was struggling with a shawl pattern that wasn't making sense to her.  After trying to help her, I printed off the pattern and when I got home last night, I frogged the other shawl and started on the new one.  It is pretty similar in design so I should go fast. I did modify the start of the shawl to give it the neck to it looks pretty when it is done.

I love summers in the office as it is quiet enough to do a little knitting. So time for another cup of coffee and more stitches. 

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