Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not much knitting

I haven't knitted much lately. In fact, last night was spent mostly frogging projects.  The socks called S'mores were the first to go.  As socks are one of my favorite things to knit that if they stay on the the needles too long there is something wrong. So they were gone.  Then the shawl that has already been frogged once before and so it ended in the frog pond.  Then I had another pair of socks that I cast on yesterday that also got frogged as well as a baby sweater. 

So what do I have on the needles.  Well this shawl/baby afghan.

Then I casted on a different pair of socks last night.
I feel like I got a lot accomplished last night, even though it would seem that I went backward but I feel relieved to have those off the needles, as I never would have enjoyed knitting them. 

It looks like the weather has decided that summer is over as the temp when from 86 degrees on Monday to 49 degrees as a high today.

oh yeah it snowed a little today too!

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