Monday, October 31, 2011


As many who have read my blog before knows I am not the biggest fan of Halloween.  While I love fall, not so much Halloween. I don't like to get scared for any reasons and I still believe there are monsters under the bed.  I liked Halloween as a kid, dressing up, trick or treating but since then not really.

Halloween hasn't been that positive of a day for me:
Six years ago on Halloween I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
Five years ago I had my appendix out.
Today I had nine crowns put in  - which wasn't too bad. My mouth is sore but no real pain.

But this year I have sorta changed my attitude (slightly). I have a new friend that really loves Halloween and through their passion of the Halloween I no longer totally hate Halloween. In fact I sorta embraced it by knitting a pumpkin patch. 

This was a lot of fun and it was fun to share the pumpkins with my friends. (okay, some haven't gotten theirs yet but they will.)

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