Monday, April 25, 2011

Knitting Update

I have been putting off blogging for a while and I really don't know why. I don't know if I have anything interesting to say. But I thought I should at least show some completed knitting projects and some projects in process. First the completed ones.  Here is the pink afghan that I complete for a baby girl born in March but I haven't got with the mom and baby yet to give this too yet.
 I have a friend who is knitting a Koolhas and needed some help. I fell in love with the pattern and had to knit one for myself.  I want to make another one as I was a little big, but I really love how it looks on.
 The next are my projects in process/ I have been trying to use up my odds and ends of leftover sock yarn without doing the afghan that everyone seems to be doing with their leftovers. But the bug bit me as I was going onto Spring break and now I can't stop. I can see why everyone is knitting this or has knit it. It is fun and great way to use up those odds and ends.
 The last project I am going to show you is my traveling sock. I call it the traveling sock as I always have a simple sock in my bag when I go out of the house. This is the current one, the colorway reminds me of Easter colors and the pattern is Carole's Picot Edge Sock. It is nice and relaxing. That is the update for now. 
 I am back to work this week after a wonderful week of spring break off.  It is suppose to snow but I am really ready for warmer weather.

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