Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moments from Yesterday

Yesterday was a pretty busy day with many things going on but it was a nice winter weather day in that it snowed. Yes I love the snow which definitely beats today's weather which is foggy/smogy ~ yucky.

Yesterday I went out earlier in the morning, it was cloudy but nice.  On my way back there was a light dusting of snow. I did some things in the house and left for work an hour and half later and there was 2 inches of snow at least.
My boot in the snow on the sidewalk

Snow sticking everywhere but it is beautiful.

Personal addition to my office
My goal yesterday was to get my small coffee pot to the office and remember the right measurements for a good cup of coffee. It only took 3 pots of coffee to get it right. No I didn't drink all 3 pots only the last one.  One of my co workers is very excited and is hoping that I will share.  I probably will but I may depend on the day. :)

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