Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catching up!

 I have been so busy with work these days and I talk and email/text so much that I feel like I run out of words by the time I get home and so have no words to share. But today the phones weren't too busy so I have some words left.

I had an awesome time yesterday with my Mom for mother's day. We spent the day together not doing a whole lot but eating and talking. I got some great pictures from my parents back yard.

I haven't been knitting very much lately and I thought it was because I was too busy. But Mr80grit put that theory to bed when he took me to the store and had me try on Readers or cheaters as some of my friends call them. It was a surprise when I noticed I could see things a lot better close up! So I got a pair and have been using them occasionly. Then yesterday while at my mom's I couldn't see well enough to knit on the sock I had so we when out and got me several pairs of the glasses so I have no excuse now. It has even made reading my phone better. Who knew that now being able to see clearly up close could impact you that much? Guess I know better now!

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