Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a little update

Well it has been 10 days since I have posted.  While I have been sidelined to do illness I am going to focus on what I have done instead of what I haven't done. I enjoyed the movie Blind Side with friends on the 20th after going out to lunch with them.  I was entertained by a friend's 1st grade performance at the library on the 21st. I was up and around to enjoy the afternoon of Christmas Eve at my MIL's and got to see my SIL and nephews.  Christmas Eve service was awesome and I enjoyed it completely. Christmas Eve night at my parents was fun and full of cheer.  Christmas Day was fun with my hubby and the afternoon back at my parents was fun with watching Star Trek with them.  Yesterday I was up and about to run errands with my hubby and do somethings for the office (more on that later). I managed to get to my favorite LYS yesterday and bought yarn for a project for next Christmas.

I am very thankful for my winter break and will be enjoying it more today as Mr80grit and I are off to see a movie this afternoon. It is snowing lightly here and hope it continues all day. I did finish one project during this time and it is the pink mitts above. They are a belated birthday gift for my boss' wife.  I think she will enjoy them. 

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