Monday, March 23, 2009

Blocking completed

Well this weekend I did get the blocking done. This is the rack that we do all the dry flat clothes on. It is so awesome! Five levels and blows unheated air so things dry quickly.

I also got my forest canopy shawl blocked. Here it is pinned. It measured 72 x 41 inches.

I absolutely love it and even wore it on Sunday. But it was dark and cloudy yesterday so no good photos were taken. Then today it snowed. Which I was happy about as that kept the pollen from blowing around today so tonight my allergies are on the down/low side.

I am happy spring has arrived, it just is an allergy yucky time. I am very limited in what I can take so I do what I can and try to ignore it.


  1. The shawl is beautiful! And what a neat drying rack!

  2. Love the drying rack and the canopy shawl is just gorgeous. Try to get some good photos if the sun comes out again!