Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dental Recovery Day

I survived the dentist yesterday. It was a weird event, a dry fitting of the crowns. It was a lot more stressful for my dentist than me. After being numbed, I watched a movie (okay more like listened to a movie). My dentist worked for over an hour with the crowns but it was not to be they were made way to big. So back on went the temps and luckily not much additional pain.

So today I am at home recovery. Not so much from the dental work but from exposure to gluten. Although my dentist is great about not using anything containing gluten on me. They had done crown molding earlier that day and that contains a high level of gluten which when mixed up puts a lot of in the air. So today is a day of relaxing and knitting while dealing with any issues regarding that. Also with that many shots yesterday my whole face is swollen. (not for public display). So time to finish my monkey socks and maybe cast on my wallaby.

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  1. Yuck. I have one crown. I broke a tooth in half in a car accident and they put in a crown. It didn't take very long but I had to go three times to keep making them file it down some more. I think I was just used to that broken tooth!