Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Longtime silent

I have been silent on my blog since January. First it was because Mr80grit decided to build a new computer which is totally awesome. Once it was done I never got on until the other day. Those who know me in person know that I have been dealing with health issues from having Celiac Disease. One of the biggest lately have been my teeth. I had Celiac disease for so long before being diagnosed that my body started to steal the calcium from my teeth. In the last two and half years my teeth have slowly melted away while I got the funds to do them right.

So last Friday, I started the process of having my upper arch redone. It was not fun at all and I am still in a bit of pain but even the temps look awesome. When all is said and done I will post before and after pictures. It will take about 3 weeks for the crowns to be made and then I have to schedule that to be done. I am hoping that the pain I have dealt with especially in the last few months will disappear quickly after.

I have been doing a fair amount of knitting. I took part of Mystery Shawl #7 and still need to block it. I started a forest canopy shawl by Susan yesterday. I am loving it it. I need a short break before working on Mystery Shawl #8. They take a lot of brain power to do as I am still getting experience on reading charts. I also completed a pair of socks that I named my fiesta socks. It looks like it will be a summer of shawls and socks as I have put my stash of sock yarn together and was quite amazed. So time to stash bust!!!

More later. I will take pictures to upload later.

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  1. Hi Stephie! I've missed you. I'm hoping you are feeling better soon. I'm sending a package your way on Friday! Its a lot of fun and good stuff. I hope it makes you feel a good bit better!