Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally Snow!!!

I have been on vacation from work since 4:30 pm on Tuesday waiting for the snow to come. We were suppose to be hit first thing Wednesday morning...nope, Nada, nothing. Today again the same! Until 5:02pm when leaving a LYS it hit salt lake hard. It hasn't stopped snowing and now the lake has added its say into the storm.

This month has really flown since I went back to work. I had to finish all the little gifts for direct reports, co-workers and managers. Most of the month our home pc has been down as Mr80grit has tried to improve our computer so it will continue doing its job until after we finish paying for the brand new car going into my mouth. (I have to have the top teeth all crowned, due to long term undiagnosed celiac disease) I am not a candidate to dentures for the same reason the bones in my face would collapse faster than normal, aging me 30 to 40 years. That is definitely not something I want.

I got a great package from Bea that I need to upload during my vacation . Maybe tomorrow as Mr80grit has the day off and can keep me from throwing the computer out the window.

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