Friday, March 13, 2015

Comfort knitting

I have noticed that when I don't feel good I want a new knitting project. Today was one of those days. As I slept poorly last night and are already dealing with full blown spring allergies, a new shawl was in order, something simple but not boring. So a dive into the stash and a quick run through ravelry, I was on my way. The shawl is the age of brass and steam kerchief. I started on US size 6 needles but this time I listened to my inner knitter and stopped when it didn't feel right and recast on was US size 7 needles. I was happier almost immediately. While I will to work on other projects this weekend will deadlines this will be a comfort knit. 

As a side note Mr80grit is down with his yearly cold, this one snuck up on him. Luckily it hit on Thursday, his day off and then he took today off. Hopefully a weekend home relaxing will do the trick. 

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