Saturday, July 5, 2014

MId-Holiday Weekend Update

I walked a bit on the 4th before it got too hot. I have new walking shoes that I love!
 Then had a berry smoothie that was more like ice cream than a drink.
Preston was doing some computer stuff for me at my office, so I knitted a little while I waited. 
 After a wonderful lunch out, followed by a great nap and then a little TV, it was cool enough for knitting while Preston grilled dinner.
 Dry Aged steak and grilled carrots just about perfect for the day.
 We each viewed our own movies, I like to knit while I watch TV so it is a compromise. Then off to bed some time after midnight.  Saturday started with brunch at our favorite restaurant with my parents and oldest brother. Afterwards we ran a series of errands, including getting raw honey right from the hive at the Honey Stop. So yummy.  Since we spent a lot of time in the van, I got the 9 inch leg done and started on the heel flap on Preston's new socks.
Preston is currently on a dessert run. I am going to knit on something else for a while. We plan to hit the movies tomorrow. Anything to stay cool.

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