Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Weekend and Birthday Fun!

Well it happened last week, I turned a year older!  Woohoo!  I did actually accomplish some goals that I set for myself last year but I am not quite ready to share with everyone yet. Sorry, you will have to wait a while longer.
I did have a good birthday day starting with coffee in the morning before work.
It was suppose to snow on Thursday but it didn't.  My first gluten free treat was cupcake cereal. Yes I am still a kid at heart!
It was then off to a busy at times day at the office. I had lunch at work of my usual lunch favorites, cheese, crackers and carrots.
My mom stopped by a little later with a little goodie bag and card.
The hubby came by before the end of work with a card, then went and got dinner and dessert to take to our friends.  It was my favorites Chinese food and flour-less chocolate torte from my favorite restaurant.  
We got to eat and hang out with friends, re-watching my favorite movie Blind Side.

The next day Hubby stopped by again with part two of my birthday gift, a beautiful plant for my office.

I am going to enjoy it each day.  He will be checking to make sure I water it as I am known to have a black thumb.  The pot is red and black. It looks great in my office.  After work we head to a dinner party with friends from church. The food was awesome but didn't get any picture.

Saturday was another busy day, with praise band practice, lunch with the parents at Stella's, a quick buying trip to Unraveled Sheep for needles and sock yarn.  We did audio/visual for a Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet. That was a lot of fun.  Most of Saturday the weather was winter, with it snowing all day.  It really didn't get deep where we are but Mom and Dad had a foot of snow before noon.
Sunday has been not as crazy but nice and sunny.  Praise band at 8:30 am with both services following. Then it was time to catch up with shopping and lunch etc. Now it is time to do a little laundry, a little knitting and a lot of relaxing before the week starts.  The hubby has his birthday on Wednesday and I need to plan some great things for him too!

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