Friday, July 30, 2010

Best Gluten Free pizza ever!

And I am not kidding!  This afternoon Mr80grit and I went to the movies and as we left we saw this sign at a local restaurant stating they had gluten free pizza. Mr80grit went in and talked to the restaurant manager(owner?) and found out that their crust was made from scratch in a separate kitchen and that they are getting ready to launch a gluten free menu tomorrow with pasta including Lasagna.  The pizza was available today and actually came in two sizes 14" and 18".  We decided to stay for dinner and have pizza. We had one of the daily specials the Buffalo Chicken.
I really can't believe how good it is.  The toppings are chopped/diced so that in every bite you have the chicken, blue cheese, mozzarella cheese, sauce and crust.  I tasted the crust by itself.  Very delicious.

The chef came out just after the pizza was delivered to the table to see how we like it. She is very excited about the gluten free menu and has been taste testing a lot of the new dishes.  She explained how it took them 7 months to develop the crust and that there are 9 different gluten free flours in the crust.  She is also excited about the gluten free brownie that they will be serving.  She mentioned how much hidden gluten was in things.  To solve this, they shred the mozzarella cheese there to ensure that it is gluten free as some of the prepared shredded cheese uses flour to keep the cheese from clumping. I am really impressed with the knowledge and research that they seemed to have done.

As we left we stopped by the gluten free zone to let them know how much we enjoyed our dinner. They were in the process of entering the new gluten free menu into the system.  We can't wait to go back and try more on the gluten free menu.

Mr80grit here.. i am the gluten eater.... but i cook gluten free at home.. they have nailed the taste/texture of the crust so spot on.... that i found no hesitation in eating 5 slices.... it is marvelous to share a meal in a restaurant that neither one of us has to compromise.. Celiacs -- Do your family a favor.. take them here to experience a pizza meal that all can have fun eating.. including us wheat eaters.... yes .... it is just that good.... see y'all there.....

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  1. That's nice hopefully more places will pickup on the gluten free menu.