Thursday, June 17, 2010

Checking in

Well since summer began I haven't had a lot to say, been reflecting a lot.  I have been finishing up a few WIP's with a goal in mind to start Mary Triplett's Summer Fling Wrap/Shawl.  To accomplish that goal I finished the Ishbel shawl that I cast on in April when I was in Las Vegas.  I finished the Pram #2 blanket.  So last night I cast on for the shawl...I am enjoying myself. The weather has been crazy the last few days so that I haven't been able to take any descent pictures. My peddler's shawl is being blocked by a friend at the LYS and I should have it back this weekend. Hopefully I will get pictures taken of these projects.

I have changed my work hours for the summer working longer days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Normal hours on Thursday and only a half hour on Fridays. It is taking me a little while to get used to the new schedule. But I think this Friday spent at my LYS just knitting will help. 

No travel plans for the summer yet that I am aware which is okay. Sometimes it is nice just not to rush around. My SIL and family are moving out of state this summer so it looks like we will be traveling to see them sometime this fall/winter/spring.  I must get back to my knitting before heading to work.  It is a little addictive right now.

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  1. This whether is more than crazy! I sure wish it would just warm up and stay warm.

    Sounds like your getting alot of knitting done I sure wish I could say that!