Monday, September 14, 2009

The weekend

Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary. We basically took the whole weekend for ourselves. We started with Friday night at our favorite restaurant. We slept in Saturday and then went to the great basin fiber fair. I was very picky this year and got some worsted weight for a pillow and then some sock blockers.
Mr80grit got me some delicous gluten free sugar cookies in flower design. Very yummy( I did share with him as they are his favorite cookie).

We had dinner with my parents again at our favorite restaurant that night which was a lot of fun.

Sunday was a quiet day but we ended up finding another place with gluten free pizza. This is a place that we used to eat at all the time before I was diagnosed. They just add the pizza within the last six months. It is very good!


  1. That looks like the pizza I had at lunch last Friday. Yum!

  2. Whoops. Here I meant to say...

    !!!!!HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!

    But apparently my brain can only hold one thought before moving on to "type security word".

    Which by the way my two security words today are quits and wilma.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Ours is coming up soon it will be are 35th.